Life is a Fountain is a big place.


And at times you come to the Crossroads, wondering where to go.


A choice must be made.


Here  are the paths to the various places in Life  is a Fountain.


Maybe every choice is wrong. Maybe every choice is right.

But at the crossroads there’s always a choice.


Here at the Crossroads of the website Life is a Fountain, the other Internet, you will find the path to nearly everywhere that you can go.

But it’s only almost everywhere you can go. In Life is a Fountain, some roads are hidden.



Have you enjoyed the pictures you’ve seen on Life is a Fountain? This is all of them, in a great and endless, unsorted gallery.



Yes, I work in one. And all these tales, regrets, wonders, and mythical tableaus come from them. A library is many wonderful things. And it is, here, Purgatory as well.



Don’t know what to read? Don’t know what to watch or listen to?  Read Life is a Fountain. Don’t want to read Life is a Fountain? Sometimes me either. Try these weekly suggestions.



Stories of animals. Pictures of animals; real, imagined, mythical, and fictional animals. Are these anthropomorphic or are they naturalistic?




No, not that spirituality. The other spirituality.



I have written over 3,000 short essays. These, whittled down, are the very best of them.  Absolute classics! But fair warning: My opinion has rarely matched the opinion of other people.



This is a page of forms to fill out. They are funny forms, satiric forms, helpful to me forms. But one of the first things I learned in creating Life is a Fountain is that people don’t really like filling them out. I can only offer you this: Fill them out and I will make you, yes YOU, another one.



What is nature? Maybe nature is everything.

Or maybe nature is just the pretty part of everything.



The blog is like a collection of appetizers for Life is a Fountain. It is also what one receives if one is signed up for the Life is a Fountain Newsletter. One cannot sign up for that newsletter here at the crossroads. The crossroads isn’t that kind of place.

The Blog


Bob Dylan? Sure I know Bob Dylan. And this page is exactly what happens when you know Bob Dylan.



No, I’ll admit there is a touch of the comic nearly everywhere on Life is a Fountain. But this is the page where we take the comedy seriously.

That might not have come out right.



There is indeed a Life is a Fountain cat.  He is… well, I’ll let you find out for yourself. He’s generally anywhere, like a proper cat, but you can usually find him at the link below.



“Wait” You say. There is already a “Dylan” Page!”

Other people make music as well!

This concerns them and the things that they make. Put your ears on.



I write about them. I live in them. I try not to think about them. I regularly don’t succeed. Just like you.



When I first added this I hadn’t even made the page! But it’s there now, waiting for you, talking about food, and cooking, and eating, and food, and drinking.

It may make you hungry. Most things make me hungry.


saint minneapolis

All about my city, which is known more popularly as two cities, but not by me! By me it’s known as Saint Minneapolis, which is how you’ll know it too, I mean, if you don’t want to be confused here the whole time.

Too late?

Saint Minneapolis






I was in L.A., I went to Disneyland. I was in Florida, I went to Disneyland. I was in Paris, I went to Disneyland.

Am I mad? Sure, why not.







Like Disneyland, only without overpriced snacks. And none of the rides work. And instead of it being run by a big corporation it’s just me. And instead of huge crowds of people there’s just you. Actually, I still can’t explain it.









“I don’t think it’s art.” A friend said, as gently as possible, about my mash up pictures. I was unruffled. Maybe it isn’t. But on this page, ON THIS PAGE, well,  really, who knows? I only accept objective truth if I can say what it is.






the library kingdom

A second Library Page, this one devoted to the theory of libraries, the pursuit of better libraries, the Library Vision. It’s a little better than it sounds, and about as strange as you’d expect.

Library Kingdom






Devoted to the great and beautiful quotes of History, and of the Human Experiment. Also devoted to their discussion. I try valiantly to limit my own quotes. There is a mixed success.








“Yeah, standin’ at the crossroad, tried to flag a ride. 

Ooh-ee, i tried to flag a ride. 

Didn’t nobody seem to know me, babe, everybody pass me by.”

robert johnson