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This is my new Cadillac of forms, the 2021 Life is a Fountain Feedback Form. You may have run into it as it is scattered around Life is a Fountain pretty heavily, like pixie dust. It’s why there’s a faint glitter in the dark here. This is its true home though, The Forms Page, or room, since we like to consider Life is a Fountain as a Rambling Mansion and the pages “Rooms”. So grab one of these chairs and fill out forms. There are prizes, theoretically!


Life is a Fountain Customer Feedback Survey, 2021

Our annual feedback survey for Life is a Fountain. Now featuring elaborate cash prizes and sumptuous gifts!







Here is the form we begged you at Clerkmanifesto to come and fill out in the dawning first few days of Life is a Fountain. Three people filled it out. The same three people might be looking at this again.

Maybe you’ve rethought your choices?




It is the Begging Week Form. It’s a top notch form to fill out, suitable for both advanced and beginner form filler outers. Just make your best choices, hit the “submit” button, and experience the exquisite suffusion of joy that most people feel when they successfully fill out a form.

Oh, and thanks for coming by and filling out this form!


The Begging Week Form
Selected Value: 0







Anyway, those are not the only forms here. Which is happy news indeed! I mean, if you like to fill out forms.

But, like, who wouldn’t want to fill out a form?

And unlike all the other forms on the Internet, here on the secret Internet, on Life is a Fountain, instead of taking the information from your forms and selling it, using it for marketing, and inserting it into algorithms, here we just read the forms for our own enjoyment. And then after we read it we suddenly cry out ” Uh oh! I better make some more forms!”

Sound good?


Okay, but before we get started could you please fill out his form?






Well done!


All right. I made this form off site to survey people about their Life is a Fountain Newsletter preferences. I’m not sure I’m ever going to use it! But as a special gift to you, the devoted Life is a Fountain Form Page reader (and so much more!) I include its link. Get this:

It has stuff you can fill out!!!!!!*|UNIQID|*






What other forms do I have?


Well, Life is a Fountain is still young, but…


You might have seen this form elsewhere on Life is a Fountain, but you can always keep in “Form” shape by filling it out some more. Eventually, if you hang in there there will be new forms here that you have never seen or filled out anywhere!




Suggestion Form
The red asterisk means that this form is required, so I suggest using a fake name like Harpo Marx (though don't use Harpo Marx now or it will be a dead giveaway!
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you. Absolutely no one but me will see your email, and if you are mysteriously bombarded with pictures of European Fountains and invitations from Bob Dylan to go catch a movie I had nothing to do with it!
I left this box as not required, so your form will go through if left blank here. I suggest saving your energy for the "Message" box. I understand it's very demanding.
This is it. This is the big one!