Just one precious picture of lil’ Dan.


It has been a long time since I have nudged anyone over to Life is a Fountain. Everyday here I used to put a little link down at the bottom to some special place in Life is a Fountain. But the main attraction always seemed to be this newsletter, and I simply couldn’t keep up with making both this newsletter and an array of new things for Life is a Fountain.

So I haven’t really been over to Life is a Fountain for weeks and weeks and weeks. Except in my heart, to listen to the wind run through the trees out in front of the Drawing Room windows.

Oh, and to put in the Dan Room, a room devoted to Dan.

Why have I done this?

I don’t exactly know, but just look at all the little Dans!

So many wee Dans!

You can see the every single piece in the growing, Museum Quality, collection of pictures of Little Dans there.

There’s probably a few essays there too, for when the glee of seeing Little Dans finally exhausts you and you have to sit down and take a rest.

So after weeks and weeks, maybe months! I send you off to complete today’s viewing at Life is a Fountain: