Onion in Monet

After my groundbreaking work with an avocado I explored some ideas involving a picture of two bananas that I had taken. It didn’t work out.

Then my eye fell upon the lowly onion, workhorse of the pantry.

“What if I put that onion in a Monet painting?” I wondered.

The rest is history! A triumph. A moment for all…

What’s that?

IT’S A VAN GOGH!???!!!

Great. Back to the drawing board.












Speaking of classics, there is a new classic up on the Clerkmanifesto Classics Page of Life is a Fountain.

It is super good, I mean, it’s touching, funny, illuminating, and so wise that you’ll…

Which one is it you ask?

I don’t know yet.

But hit the link below and you can read for yourself!

I mean, or not. Your destiny is in your own hands.

A Classic Standing the Test of Time!

I Reflect Upon a Lonely Old Man at my Library

My library is full of lonely old men.

Why, just a couple of days ago an old man needed help finding some books on hold for him. I found them and we checked them out.

He said “Since my wife died I read a lot of these.”


So I cut the lonely old men a ton of slack.

Oh, who am I kidding. I am a professional slack cutter. My job is to try and find ways to cut slack. God help me when I can’t be cutting slack.

I see this guy up in his chair at the west facing windows all the time now since the pandemic, well, receded. I guess that it’s receded. I nod gravely at the old man. He nods gravely back at me.

I think

“Lonely old man”

Then one day I looked at him and I realized:

That’s Picasso!

As if it makes any difference.


Hey, I don’t think I’ve sent you here. I mean there’s writing and pictures, but mostly music to listen to. So if you want more today check out the Life is a Fountain music page, at the clickable line below:
Life is a Fountain Music Festival!

One of the areas I’m still working out is how I approach the Life is a Fountain Blog.

There is a lot of content spread across an increasing number of pages of Life is a Fountain. In addition to that I have designs on creating one or more prominent sections of the front page of Life is a Fountain so that it is updating, or changing, or regularly showing new  content. And so realistically, even with the breakneck pacing I am currently working at, I probably can’t keep up the Blog section like I did with our previous (still running) iteration, Clerkmanifesto.

I’m okay with this, maybe even a little happy about it.

Clerkmanifesto ran very formalized posts, on a strict, daily schedule. And though they often seemed casual and conversational (I think), maybe like this now seems, they were designed nearly always to be very finished, whole pieces of, well, if not art, then, like meals, whole meals, instead of snacks, or a quick drink, or an espresso standing up at the bar.

I’m thinking I’d like a lot more snacks and espressos and quick drinks at the bar here going forward.

I’d like a brief picture, a telling bit of comedy, and a short thought to have a place here, an update on the blog or the site as a whole, like this one, along with, on occasion, a longer, more thoughtful, or just more complete essay.

Right now, as this post releases, I am running a series over on Clerkmanifesto designed to bring at least a few people over to Life is a Fountain each day, always to specific pages; Forms, Dylan, Cat, Marketing, and so on. This is requiring me to create a great deal of landing content for those pages (and it is sometimes acting as instigator for me to create those pages!). I am still putting a lot of new things onto Life is a Fountain.

But despite that I’d like to start out trying to still post something each day on the blog here. But, if you follow along with this part of The Fountain going forward, I think you will find that what you come upon here could be almost anything. And if you are used to the secretly formal and complete daily essays of Clerkmanifesto, this is my fair warning that this, The Life is a Fountain Blog, will probably be more like a light sampling of what’s new on Life is a Fountain, rather than the whole of it.