It’s all very well to combine images….

 As you are well aware, I have become extremely fond of populating the library I work in with images of other things, usually taken usually from the very library I work in. There wasn’t really a tiger in the fiction section of my library when I was shelving the other day, but when two of the thousands of pictures now on my phone came together, I suddenly work in a place a little more… Exotic. Magical. Strange.

No, scratch the last one. It’s already fully strange.

However, I do have to rely on a good deal of fortune sometimes when it comes to putting different images together. Pose, angle, lighting, and effect does not usually match up, and my craft is limited.

So having a poseable model is a great resource, and the source for some of my very favorite pictures lately.

This is where Dan comes in.

I only work with him one or two days a week. And though he is blandly willing to stand in whatever strange pose I ask of him, like with magical wishes, I am extremely careful about making them.

So it only stands to reason that when the wee imp Dan grants my wishes, he becomes a little bit magical himself.

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