The Tape Ball.

One of my dearest and oldest of colleagues, who has long since wandered off to work at other library branches than my own, began to make a tape ball at his current branch library several years ago. We label our bins and boxes with masking tape branch codes, and he formed these bits of tape into a ball. Such was his dedication that the ball grew and grew.

If you visit his library he will take a picture of you with the giant tape ball, maybe the size of a large beach ball at this point, and then he will send you a souvenir framed canvas memorial picture of the moment.

Several days ago he sent me a video of the tapeball as his camera lovingly circled it. It featured a lot of tape I had written on from when I labelled different bins and boxes.

I was touched, and I decided to get in the tapeball game. 

Let me tell you this: Even making fake, model giant tape balls is a lot of work!A true giant tape ball is a monumental undertaking!


At first sight of one of my tape balls I think my friend and colleague was slightly shaken. He might have briefly wondered if his tape ball hegemony was threatened. But as I sent more outlandish pictures it quickly became clear: He was still the master of the Tape Ball. 
My poor illusion of a giant tape ball above is maybe a little bigger than a golf ball. But the lack of individual tape pieces is a dead giveaway. Eventually I found myself cutting up tiny bits of masking tape and putting initials on them to increase verisimilitude.
This installation above, called “Three Tape Balls” is as far as I’ve gotten in my tape ball work. My apotheosis. The improvements I could make to my model tape ball are nevertheless endless, as are the situations wherein I could insert my tape ball.As is the amount of tape my friend is applying, even as we speak, to his inspirational tape ball.
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