More tape ball excitement!

In the process of producing Internet-like content for as many as eight people I never know just what might go viral. A joke about bees? A picture of Frida Kahlo in a Van Gogh painting? My thoughts on new County Policy H-72425 Realignment of Licensing reporting structures? I never know.

So when I sent out the latest news on my library’s Tape Ball installation it was quite the surprise to be turning away the throngs of visitors who showed up to view it. While it is always a shame to have to send people away from the library due to occupancy limits, we’re a bit more used to it in the still churning wake of a Pandemical World. And also it was exciting to simply be that popular. Ushering in local celebrities to take their picture with the tape balls was an awful lot of fun. Plus it was a great money raising opportunity for our library.

Check out this sign I made to get our book bags moving:

Cool, huh?

We’ve already sold zero book bags!

And people say I’m not good at marketing!

Anyway, come by and check out our Tape Ball Installation anytime, I mean, if you can get in. And while you’re there grab one of our book bags! Although if you just need a free one we have a bunch of plastic shopping bags behind the desk.

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