Linus drops by.

As we’ve been reporting in this space, my library’s tape ball installation has been bringing in a lot of celebrities. I try not to hassle them, but I’ll admit to having taken a few candid shots like the one above when I think I can get away with it. Linus was actually wandering out of our library with one of our smaller tape balls and I had to call him back. I don’t think he was trying to steal it. I believe he was simply looking for a misplaced blanket at the time.

I’m not sure these two were famous, but they looked familiar. They’d come all the way up from Iowa!

I stumbled upon this fellow in the back staff area (That’s our Union information board over his head). When I walked him back out to the public areas and suggested he should probably wear shoes in the library he was extremely apologetic.

Extremely apologetic!

It was unnerving.

And then, finally, this is Emily Dickinson, but she drops by all the time.
Do you remember when I used to link you over to Life is a Fountain pages in this part of my newsletter? I suppose it could still happen in the future occasionally. Right now there are a lot of dangerous ghosts in Life is a Fountain. It might have something to do with Halloween coming? It’s also possible that my very “Marketing” is haunted, and when I do marketing it attracts dead things.

So when it comes to Life is a Fountain we’re just going to leave you to your own devices for awhile.

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