This is a test, sort of.


Going forward Life is a Fountain Newsletter subscribers should receive the blog post here in their email. So, like this message that just went out to them, the blog and the newsletter should be more or less the same going forward. The message below explains what will be in the blog then, and how it will relate to the whole of Life is a Fountain (spoiler alert: it will be selections from the wider site). 


If you want to sign up for this, you should be able to do so below:





Dear Life is a Fountain Reader:

First of all, thank you for deciding to be a Life is a Fountain reader. This is your first official Life is a Fountain Newsletter seeing as the first email you received was just an unsolicited introduction to Life is a Fountain and an invitation to unsubscribe.

You didn’t’ unsubscribe!

So this happened.

Yes, life really is full of repercussions.

Before we get to all the good times I’d like to offer a few explanations as we go forward. Several of you were kind enough to fill out a one of my surveys. And I’ve taken what I’ve learned from these to form a plan for these newsletters going forward.

Here’s what I learned (not all of it may apply to you, but if it doesn’t I’m afraid you’ve been outvoted pretty heavily)

1. You don’t like filling out surveys.

2. You like all kinds of pictures!

3. You really don’t like being asked to take part, be involved, comment, or be active. In fact, you probably aren’t really into all this procedural discussion (which is why I’ve filled it with so many hilarious jokes!).

4. You really would just like some amusing, non demanding, occasionally interesting stuff to show up in your email.

5. You would like that to happen, roughly, once a day (my apologies to the once a week person. You could, um, read all seven every Thursday? No? How about on Tuesday?).

And so that… all, is what you’ll get.

What you’ll get:

1. Once a day, probably early, you’ll get a Life is a Fountain Newsletter. It could be a little more often but probably won’t. Technically speaking it will be the same as The Life is a Fountain Blog and a more or less identical version will be on the Blog Page of the Website.

2. This will start on Monday, July 5, 2021. It may overlap with, and be identical to, the Clerkmanifesto daily post, at least for a few days, until I am sure everything is working correctly. At that point Clerkmanifesto will only send something very, very rarely, maybe once every couple months, just to say hi, if it works at all.

3. The daily newsletter will feature some bit of new content from Life is a Fountain; perhaps a short essay, or an old essay, some pictures, maybe a survey (but not a real one!), a discussion, whatever.

4. The newsletter will also include a link or two to some part(s) of the Life is a Fountain Website that features new content, in case you want to read more, see more pictures, or extend your Internet Doodling time.

5. And that’s about it. 

That, above, is the Life is a Fountain green cat, by the way.

You’ll see and hear more regarding him in the future, so it’s sort of a teaser.

However, if you’re eager about our green cat, head on over to the cat page:

See you Monday then.


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