Mushrooms and getting to know the neighbors.


When my lovely wife and I were out for our morning walk we saw some mushrooms. A great wee forest of mushrooms. So when I went out for second walks, alas alone, but with my camera, I thought maybe I’d head back to the million mushrooms and take pictures.

So I lay in the we grass, trying to work my way in to that tiny mushroom jungle, and got about two pictures of them when the crowd started to gather.

“Whatchya doin’?”

“Taking pictures of mushrooms. See the mushrooms?”

“Ooooooooh.” They said. Then they told me not to eat them.

Then we repeated that dialog with each new visitor.


I probably would have taken more pictures of the mushrooms than I did, but I found myself going pretty quickly to “Well it sure was nice meeting all of you!”

And it sort of was a little, even if it wasn’t super good for the photography.


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