The last of the Summer flowers.


 I generally make two kinds of pictures, the ones where I combine images, characters, history, and sometimes the world of my library, all full of magic effects and trickery, in my phone, and then the ones where I go wandering my neighborhood with my big boy camera bringing in the natural world, if I can. Lately I have been busy with both kinds of pictures. So in my next few Life is a Fountain Newsletters you’ll be seeing quite a few photographs. Which is what you usually see here anyway.

But I had to say something.

Today, in honor of the last bittersweet days of Summer I am showing you four pictures of the last flowers of Summer. I have found that there are a lot of Autumn flowers, but these are still the sun drenched Summer ones. So eat ’em up while you can.


I called them “the last bittersweet days of Summer” because late Summer is probably my favorite part of Summer, and Fall is my favorite season of all (so the “sweet”). But it all puts us about six short, strange and dramatic weeks from Winter around here, which is a bit of rough, long business, and so, the “bitter”.


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