What do you do when your dream comes true?


Believe it or not I have had to reckon with this conundrum. Dreams may be different when they come true, but they are still dreams come true.

And so, when I finally photographed the mythical, and magical, and miraculous albino squirrel, I mean, after the elation died down a bit, I had to take a breath and say to myself

“Now what?”

I wandered on. I headed up the road. I saw some squirrels. Cute, friendly squirrels, but just the regular brown kind. I couldn’t get interested.

I came to some fading flowers.

I took a few desultory pictures. Here’s one:

Then, while poking around this flower patch I noticed something odd in the background.

A hummingbird!

I have never managed to get a picture of a hummingbird. They’re not so common here as where I grew up. It was just sitting there, in the bushes, behind the flowers.

I took one picture and it flew away before I could get another.


I came across my dear friends the turkeys:



I saw a bee.


And then, walking along, I encountered, yet again, for the thousandth time, a regular old brown squirrel.

Okay. I’m ready.


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