For the birds.

It has been about a year and a half since I bought a camera and started adding photography to all my… Internetting. This coincided with, and was partly a result of the dawn of the Pandemic. When I got my first super zoom camera I looked forward to all the excellent pictures I was bound to get of all the eagles I constantly see around the river.

But as soon as I got the camera the eagles sort of went away.

Oh, I saw them flying by occasionally. And I might have seen a couple when I didn’t have my camera, but whatever local nesters we had no longer appeared to be around. Any other animal I reasonably hoped to photograph around here I did during all that time, but no eagles.  Until today. Even then I saw this one far away on a branch, while I was walking back from coffee with my wife. I had to run back out with my camera and hope it was still there.

It was. This was as good as I could get.

Still, it’s an eagle. They’re just so photogenic!

Oh, yes, right.

I have been informed that eagles are not as photogenic as pigeons.

So true!

Right, yes, absolutely.Or penguins.
Sure, why not head to the Animals Page if this is your kind of thing. We usually mix and match, but we’ll just match today.
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