Who knew that art is subjective?


I didn’t know that art is subjective. Did you?

Two days ago I featured what I was sure was my best picture of the week, a comely scene of a small waterfall. In no uncertain terms I was informed by my thousand fictional readers that I was quite mistaken; my finest work of the week was “Small Dan on a Cartoon Moose” (pictured above).

So yesterday I published the proper correction/retraction, only to be informed that “Lion Licks the Envelope” was the week’s photographic highpoint.

This was immediately followed by cries that “Dan Takes the Egg” was the true winner of the week.

I wasn’t so sure that “Dan Takes the Egg” could be the best of the week, but these very assertive fictional readers were certain.

But before I could even process this I was besieged with vehement shout outs for:

“Creek in Fall #42”



“Dan with Parrot”


And that is when finally, FINALLY, I understood.

What did I understand? You ask.

Actually, I don’t know. I kind of forgot.

But I’m pretty sure it was the best thing I understood all week!

Sitting and waiting.

Today when I went to write you your daily Life is a Fountain Newsletter, I took a look at what was available in my library of unused pictures. And as I perused them one thing popped out at me: There were a lot of people in the pictures just sitting, and waiting.

What are they all waiting for?


Sure, maybe they are waiting for Godot.

Maybe they are waiting for inspiration.

Maybe they’re even waiting for trouble?

I don’t know. But just look at them all, sitting there.

Something is bound to happen.


But just because something is bound to happen doesn’t mean it ever will.