Purgatory is a Library.

We started out today with this guy who is a blind and plays the blues all day near the Non Fiction stacks. I know I told you yesterday that the frog with the banjo has to repeatedly be told to quiet down. Not this guy. He plays real low. You can only hear it when you listen for it.

Sometimes I listen for it.

I walked out to the end of the 900’s, where all knowledge leaves off and there is no more to know.

I saw this guy there:

I don’t know why seeing John Lennon, leaning on a study table, caused my epiphany. But I realized:

The Library is Purgatory


And this explains then why we have all the strange and mythological characters wandering around the place.

This is a very important idea!

The library is purgatory. Think about that. We’ll be coming back to it in the future.

In honor of this revelation I have created a new page on Life is a Fountain, or I will have by the time you read this.

Hit the link below if you’d like to check it out.


The Spirituality Page
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