It said “All the World’s a Stage” on his T-shirt.

 So when he came to the desk I said:

“You think I’m merely a player then?”

I am full of wise saws and modern instances.

Sorry, that is a very advanced literary reference. I wouldn’t get it either.

So how about this then, it’s much simpler, and seasonal too:

I was at the front desk of the library. A library patron really wanted a book that had been recently returned. That meant it could be in any number of bins or carts. I told them I’d go take a look.

I went to the back room and looked through two bins. I checked all the carts. I consulted with my co-workers, our consulting occasionally drifting into other, less pertinent, topics. I checked two more less likely bins. I was having no luck. I decided I better check with the patron to see if they wanted me to continue my pursuit.

So I went out to the desk and they were, like: