I have a reason, I swear.

The reason comes from when I was walking along in Saint Minneapolis. Maybe I was ruminating on Life is a Fountain, its complexity, its unpopularity, its slow load times, its towering ramblingness, its air of ancient curses and enchantment, and its sense of peril. 

And then I thought of clerkmanifesto, it’s linearity, its articulateness, its vanity, its order, its presence. And then it came to me:

Light and Shadow.

Day and Night.

And above all of them:

The Waking World



Clerkmanifesto is like being awake and Life is a Fountain is like dreaming.

I’ve been carrying this around in me for several days now, playing with ideas of what to do with it. And then, one day, today actually, I was at the front desk of the library, and I wrote this.

What is this?