What’s coming up on Life is a Fountain.

Historically my ambitions vastly out perform my execution.

But Life is a Fountain keeps turning out a lot like my ambitions. This is so surprising to everyone who encounters it that they’re pretty sure there must be something wrong with it.

They’re right.

This was the trick all along.

I don’t know what’s coming up on Life is a Fountain. But here is a short list of the possibilities:


Your own individual private room at Life is a Fountain

Marketing that turns invariably into a satire of marketing

A vastly more streamlined front page (front hall) of Life is a Fountain

Franz Marc Paintings

Pictures of birds


Not enough information for you?

Then you will want to head to the About Page of Life is a Fountain. If you think this doesn’t have enough information for you the lack of information there will positively take your breath away!

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