Danish Store in Rome.

That’s my favorite Danish chain store in Rome. Admittedly it’s from a small list. I’m not sure I ever noticed how it is coincidentally called “Tiger” and is next door to the cat sanctuary in the ruins where is is believed Caesar was assassinated. It’s my favorite cat sanctuary in Rome though I only know of the one cat sanctuary in Rome.

I might have one picture where it’s in the background. Let’s see:

Yep, this photo would have been taken from the side of the Tiger Store. The cat sanctuary and ruins are just beyond that railing. People should not be driving through here, but maybe Pigs and Elephants are okay?

And what, you may be wondering, is my point in all of this?

I got my second shingles vaccine shot yesterday and I am so very tired.

I usually pay no mind to the day’s linking page matching the newsletter’s content, but today kind of works since I’m sending you to:
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