I remembered an old clerkmanifesto post about time travel that I was fond of (which I can’t quite find yet). And suddenly I thought:

Life is a Fountain should have a Time Page!

You could go there to do all your time travel stuff, and your Einstein stuff, and all your silly jokes about time.

Oh, you’d like to hear a silly joke about time?

How’s this:

6:30 is the best time on a clock… hands down.

Too long of a joke for you?

It probably just felt like a really long joke. That’s how time works! Boring things feel like they take forever! And what I am saying is that the new Time Room in Life is a Fountain is so fantastic and engaging that if you go there it will feel like you spent no time there at all! In fact, YOU HAVE PROBABLY ALREADY BEEN THERE! But it was so amazing that it was unable to take any time, and without any time it was unable to register on your memory.


I’ll head over there and make it slightly worse, then you could try again.

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