Looking for inspiration.

I thought if I chose a picture I really liked, and put it at the top of today’s newsletter, it would sort of tell me what to write.

But then I picked a yawning moose, in the courtyard maybe of a monastery? And mostly it just makes me think that Dr. Seuss was really good at drawing. Look at the fabulous mouth, the way he uses shading lines, the yawning birds on his antlers.

Maybe if I pick another picture?

So, yes, a dinosaur reading a book on a bridge.

Why don’t we try one more?

Oh, am I up?

I usually come on after the newsletter is over to send you to a particular page of Life is a Fountain. I just wasn’t sure today’s newsletter was over.

So, it is?

Okay then.

Maybe since you like pictures I should send you over to the Gallery Page of Life is a Fountain. It is full, and I mean really full of pictures. You will have seen a lot of them I suppose. But then some you won’t have seen. And, who knows, some you might like to see again.

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