This is what I saw at first.

 The rare and fabled albino squirrel. A glimpse.

And maybe this would be all any of us would see of this legendary animal who roams the secret places of Saint Minneapolis.

But I’d better start at the beginning.

This morning I went for two walks. The first walk was with my darling wife and did not involve a camera. After deciding, in the course of our very pleasant walk, that the wild turkeys we are fond of weren’t around, my wife spotted them, on a hill, in a neighbor’s front yard. There were three of them.

That was a lot of fun.

So I decided that when I went for my second walk, the one that involves two cameras, I would go visit these turkeys and take some pictures of them.

You will have noticed, in life, that things often do not go according to plan.

This is not necessarily bad, because you will have also have noticed in life a lot of the plans aren’t all that great to begin with.

Either way, the turkeys were gone.

But maybe the turkeys had moved on from where we had seen them and were now in the big field which would be a far better place to photograph them anyway.

They weren’t.

And that’s when I saw the white.


The rare and fabled albino squirrel who I, at least, have never, ever photographed.

He ran away as I raced to take my first photo.

Would that be it?


Check this out:


Yes, that is the rare and wonderful and super magical albino squirrel of Saint Minneapolis!

I hope you can see one in person! But even if you can’t there is now this picture of him.

“Wait.” You wonder. “How did you get such a nice picture of this elusive, almost mythical animal?”

Oh. It’s because I hung out with a magic squirrel for, like 15 minutes and took like a hundred pictures of him!

Two of them turned out nice.


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