My last tricks.

As I told you several weeks ago now, I spend a handful of busy days making three, or hopefully four, weeks of these daily newsletters. Then, over those next few weeks I freely add to Life is a Fountain and collect new pictures for the newsletters in the next batch.

My first newsletter in this current batch was called 152, referring to the number of pictures I had all lined up to use in all the newsletters you’ve been reading now for about four weeks. My last newsletter in this group is today’s.

I did not use all of those 152 pictures. I used most of them while also learning which pictures I didn’t ever like enough to use.

Today’s feature picture is, fortunately, one I like and seems appropriate to my message.

If I can find any other picture I have left that I like enough, it will follow.

Okay then, you’ll see me tomorrow.

I’ll see you in about a month.

Time, man.

Yes, but is it art? You wonder.

Well, if you do, head on over to The Life is a Fountain Art Page where I go to great efforts to make the issue far more complicated than it actually is.

There is a theoretical chance you will like it.

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