Working towards our Dan Page.

Any second now Life is a Fountain will have a dedicated Dan Page. We’re slowly working our way towards it, sharing all our pictures of wee Dans as we go. Think of these as teasers, or like, coming attractions at the movies.

“But why a Dan Page?” You might ask. “Why not, for instance, a Grape page, or a Marcus page, or a Jim page? They have figured in Life is a Fountain at least as much.”

Oh, I have those pages already, they’re just sort of secret.

If you were over at Life is a Fountain as much as me you would come to their locked doors pretty regular like.

And if you asked for their keys?

Who knows.


One of the great virtues of Dan is that I can say “Sit here and put your hand like this.” And he does.He has other virtues, but let’s face it, I think this one is my favorite.

If Grape, Marcus, or Jim sent me pictures it would be very useful, but it’s not likely it would rise anywhere near to the top of their virtues.


So, anyway, look for The Dan Page Coming Soon to Life is a Fountain.

And stay tuned here for all your Dan tips, tricks, and Dan related hijinks.

See you tomorrow!

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