Ten Percent Worse.

After being away from Life is a Fountain for a couple of weeks, on vacation, I decided that before I run through a new series of newsletters (this is a newsletter!) I had better freshen up Life is a Fountain itself, just in case anyone drops by, and they don’t like dust.

How do you feel about dust?

So I went into pretty much every single room of the mysterious mansion on the edge of town known as Life is a Fountain, and I put something new in each of those rooms!

And Life is a fountain got ten percent worse.

So what happened?

I was in kind of a hurry. And because Life is a Fountain is built over the dreaming creature we know as clerkmanifesto I was able to go down to the basement and just, sort of, grab stuff. But when I brought all that stuff upstairs it didn’t always exactly fit.

So I just pounded it into place with my Life is a Fountain Wooden Mallet.

This caused a small amount of structural damage. Thus, ten percent worse.

But don’t worry! This still leaves 90 percent wiggle room.

And at this point I direct you to a particular place on Life is a Fountain, but since everything is new and dented there you really could go anywhere. However, I will send you to the very last place that I fixed up. When you’re there perhaps you’ll see why.
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