Yoda in Dr. Seuss.

I think we’ve said all we can say on this matter with the title.

At some point I took a bunch of pictures from a Star Wars book. Some of them are almost too iconic to work the way I want them to. But I’ll find the best of them and you can decide for yourself.

For the record I’d like to say I only consider Star Wars to be the original trilogy. All the rest is apocrypha. And mostly pretty bad apocrypha. It’s not a good universe for telling stories, rather it was a universe made for the original story it told and proved to be not very adaptable.

Millions disagree with me, including, possibly me. I mean, here I am creating more Star Wars apocrypha.

I might just like saying “apocrypha” though.

Life is a Fountain now has a food page, where you can learn recipes, shop for produce, and learn about mushroom horticulture. I mean theoretically, eventually. I’m pretty sure right now you can just read about gelato.

So then, if you like it:

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