Let me tell you how I made this sentence.

In one of those moments of clarity that I have too often to be useful, I realized that Life is a Fountain isn’t as popular as I might like because no sooner do I make something than I want to discuss my process for making it. I love discussing my process. Ideally even the thing I make is a comment on the process of making it.

This, coincidentally, is also the entire history of art in the 20th Century.

Honestly that wasn’t that popular either.

There is a very interesting story about how this above image was made.

I thought I’d try not telling you and see how that goes


I don’t feel more popular.

It probably takes a few minutes to kick in.

I have a new page for you today. Well, new to you. I made it ages ago and my former self assures me that there is genuine content on it. If you are interested in seeing genuine content bop the button. The name of said button will probably give you all the clue you need. Although consider that it will come with my inimitable twist.
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