Picture yourself at the library.

(Brought to you today by Macy’s!)

As a fierce advocate for libraries I am regularly urging people to drop on by their local library. But so often people who might like visiting a library simply can’t picture themselves there. They have a very specific idea of what a library visitor might, or even should look like. And they’re not sure what it would be like for them to be there.

This is why today I am launching my campaign:

Picture Yourself at the Library

It is designed to show what it might be like to be at the library in a very general, but unobtrusive sort of way.

This could be you at my library, getting a library card! But the beauty of it is it could be anyone. Because anyone can come to the library!

And this could be you too at the library:

Especially if you had a cool leather jacket and an awesome CCR T-Shirt! 


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