Ordinary extraordinary is a two way street.

Yesterday I was telling you about how after so many years at the library, sadly, sometimes the extraordinary becomes ordinary. And sure, I won’t retract that.

But, I ask you, how did we get to where anything at all would be considered extraordinary?

That’s the good part.

Some sad, run down figure wants a library card. And I’m going through the motions. And I’ve done it a million times before. But then, and I swear, I’m not making this up out of nothing, I look up.

I have never seen anything like this before in my life.

You can tell that man that he can’t bring his cat in the library. I’m not going to.

Why would I interfere with such a singular moment in all of library history?

And sure I can have as hard a time as anyone when some cranky, suspicious, impatient person expects too much from me at the front desk of my library. Yes, I have run into that one a few too many times in my life. But look again.

That’s a duck!

So even though it’s mundane and annoying, it’s still kinda cool.

And with the conclusion of today’s edifying message I traditionally invite you to one of Life is a Fountains many pages. How about a walk in the woods. I think you’ll find it very soothing.
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