Onion in Monet

After my groundbreaking work with an avocado I explored some ideas involving a picture of two bananas that I had taken. It didn’t work out.

Then my eye fell upon the lowly onion, workhorse of the pantry.

“What if I put that onion in a Monet painting?” I wondered.

The rest is history! A triumph. A moment for all…

What’s that?

IT’S A VAN GOGH!???!!!

Great. Back to the drawing board.












Speaking of classics, there is a new classic up on the Clerkmanifesto Classics Page of Life is a Fountain.

It is super good, I mean, it’s touching, funny, illuminating, and so wise that you’ll…

Which one is it you ask?

I don’t know yet.

But hit the link below and you can read for yourself!

I mean, or not. Your destiny is in your own hands.

A Classic Standing the Test of Time!
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