Not every picture tells a story.

So the story behind this picture is that I got a book of cartoons by Charles Addams through interlibrary loan because, hideously, my library system doesn’t have it. Then I photographed it left and right and all over. Then I took one of the pictures of Morticia and put it in a not particularly notable children’s book that involved a rabbit somehow, who does not appear in this picture.

I thought it turned out sort of pretty.

The story behind this picture is I took a bit from a renowned children’s book and put it in a slightly less renowned children’s book.

And I thought it looked kind of pretty.

I think you might be starting to get the picture here.

So with this one I…

Yeah. I have no point whatsoever today.

But oh my god, if you like points you will love my spirituality page which has

It has

Well, there’s surely going to be a point in there somewhere. 

You just have to have faith.

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