An almost old fashioned email.

Not too long ago a reader went onto the the hibernating blog Clerkmanifesto and left a comment wondering if there was going to be more content on it ever, because they liked it.

Sure they liked it! Oh yeah, they “liked” it. I bet they did!

They probably just wanted to, to, to

to read it!

Yeah, they wanted to read it!


So I guess that was nice.

So I explained the situation to them and about all the amazing wonders of Life is a Fountain.

Then I went over to my giant mansion of a website, Life is a Fountain, and prepared everything for them, just so. I even got the cat. I even chilled the cocktail glasses.

But they never showed up.

The commenter disappeared into the veil.

They are probably dead now.

After that I cried a little into one of my Life is a Fountain Branded Handkerchiefs.

I have no luck!

But I’m not asking for pity. And I am at least 70 percent recovered from the incident.

And being so nearly completely recovered from the incident I started thinking maybe, based on the dead commenter’s comment, that you out there, getting these email newsletters, might feel a little wistful about when you used to receive short, usually too personal, thoughtful, almost comic essays from me each day.

I thought: Maybe I could, just for a change, send out an old style, Clerkmanifestoish essay in one of my Life is a Fountain Newsletters, as a kind of nostalgic throwback.

Then, at the very end, I decided against it.

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