Don’t worry, they’re harmless.

Picking up from where we left off yesterday (out at the front desk of the library) I was acknowledging that all this customer service can be challenging because, with each interaction, we must make that sometimes mundane, sometimes alarming, usually both, crossing over the terrible chasm that separates everyone from everyone else.

What I really wish is that we could treat the front desk as a little more sacred. It isn’t some minor feature of the library, rather it is the lens through which the entire library is ultimately seen. I don’t really like our putting any employee, regardless of aptitude, out there. I don’t like people putting carts in order there to “keep busy”. I don’t like staff mucking with their phones or faffing about on the compu

Oh, sorry, Library patron! Gotta go!

As yesterday I sent you to the Home Page of Life is a Fountain, I’m going to follow up today by sending you to the Crossroads Page. If you’ve been there before it might not look very different. It’s kind of your map to most of the rooms of Life is a Fountain. I’m thinking you can find one there you’ve never seen. Give it a shot.

I’m counting on you.

Get it?

The picture, above?

Well, thank you, I’m glad you think it’s super funny.

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