Is “Librarian” a Dirty Word?

I am historically interested in running down librarians enough so that the idea briefly ran through my head to have a Librarian Page on Life is a Fountain.

I could complain about librarians on it.

But I’m really not that negative a person.

I just dangerously pretend to be one for effect occasionally.

Do I see librarians as grouchy garbage can dwellers? Is it appropriate to plant Oscar at the Librarian Desk upstairs?

Well, yes, obviously.

But two things should be noted. Children’s Librarians are different, and, frankly, better. And I like Oscar the Grouch just fine, and I understand he can’t really do much living, as he does, in a garbage can.

Today I would like to offer you a link to the Life is a Fountain Rome Page. On the Rome  Page you can read about, well, I don’t want to give it away. It will be a surprise for you when you go there.

I will offer a small hint though: It involves a famous historical city in Europe!

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