The Feel of the Library

Yes, we are burning through a lot of pictures this week in our newsletter. And, as yesterday I showed something of how library patrons feel to me, today I am expressing the strange sense of mundane chaos that encompasses my library life.

These probably don’t need an explanation, and really would require your writing your own story to them. I could write the story to them. I do that every day. But I rarely know what is really going on, and so like how these express the drama and inscrutableness of so much of what I run across every day I work at my library.
It looks like with these newsletters my plan is to show a bit of stuff that’s either up on Life is a Fountain, or will be soon, and then give you a link to an unrelated page of my website that has new material. This way, if you’ve had enough with these five pictures for the day, you’re set. And if you want something more, well, hit the link. 

Today it’s:

The Animals Page
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