How I accidentally killed 11 people

 The worst part is that if I did accidentally kill 11 people, and it is possible, I don’t even know who they are or how I did it!

So be careful out there.

Which brings us to our main discussion today:

What’s up with all my clickbait titles?

That, finally, I can explain.

Here’s what happened:

I recently launched a major feedback survey and gift giveaway at Life is a Fountain. And in that survey, to prevent unscrupulous marketers from spamming their web product pages in my survey, I required an agreement that, by its unskippable presence, indentured marketers to my Life is a Fountain Project if they filled out my form.

Because these spammers don’t actually read anything I write, and merely find a place to spam their web pages and services, I now have a team of 37 Marketers working for free on Life is a Fountain.

I know what you’re thinking:

“How awful for you!”

But it’s really not that bad. They generally spend 99% of their time having meetings with each other.

On the down side the other one percent of the time they spend advocating for “More attractive” titles. They felt, for instance, the title “I Bought a Pretty Glass” was not bringing people to Life is a Fountain, whereas “Your Glassware Might Kill You” would be just the thing.

So, in the face of all this, I skeptically obliged one day with a title:

Shocking, blood curdling story about Ursula K. Le Guin!

And, to my surprise, my usual clickrate (number of engagements with my content, my marketing team tells me) of four absolutely exploded on me.

It nearly doubled to five.

Yes, you can lead a horse to water and not make him drink,


If you tell the horse that dehydration is the leading cause of premature death among Ursines some of them will drink.

Especially the ones who think they are bears.


If you didn’t think this was particularly funny you will likely find the following page unamusing as well.
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