A fish came to the library.

Today a fish came to the library.

Naturally there was a question as to how it got there. He seemed as surprised by the whole thing as everyone else was. Everyone visiting seemed to want to take a good look at him, but once the excitement died down we brought him to the back room until we figure out a long term plan. This happened with a hamster once, and we ended up just keeping him. I suppose the same will happen with the fish.

I’d prefer not to call this one ‘Dewey’.

One of the patrons claims that a cat brought the fish in, got distracted, and left him by the staircase.

This does not sound plausible.

It looks like our new Book of the Week is up over on Life is a Fountain.

Bop the link below to see what it might be. I’m as curious as you are!

Book of the Week
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