Your First Week of Newsletters!

It looks like we have finished a full week of new Life is a Fountain Newsletters. Congratulations!

I hope they weren’t too hard.

Or too easy.

Um, is there a cat watching me?


I hope this format works for you. It seems to be a few pictures and some brief thoughts, then a link over to Life is a Fountain, and to all the more dense packed… stuff, all to be perused if you’re up for it.

If you really don’t like this set up please do let me know. Otherwise, we’re on our way.

If you do like it, or are neutral, I get the impression you’d rather keep that to yourself.

That works for me.

If you’d like some more, I’m sure we’re done with that old Rex Stout stuff on “Book of the Week” over at Life is a Fountain. So if you want to see our recommendation click away on the thingy below!


Book of the Week Thingy
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