Famous People at My Library

At this point I am pretty sure everyone at my library is famous. So I just go around my library, an “all famous” library, and randomly point my camera.


There is an old song from the aughts that only three people in the entire world know. It goes (at some point):

Everybody’s famous,
Everybody’s famous,
If everybody’s famous,
Why not you or me?

The first guy is a very genial regular who repeatedly has to be told to not play his banjo in the fiction section. He sings a lot about wet weather phenomenon. Honestly if he did it in the Atrium area by the DVDs we probably wouldn’t care.

The second guy just wants to be left alone.

I have so many of these now I’ve developed a bit of a backlog, so how about one more famous person today, and we’ll do part two tomorrow.

It’s a Beatle!

I just made a new page on Life is a Fountain devoted more to, I don’t know, Library Philosophy maybe? I broke it off from the more madcap “Library” page.

You can visit it at the link below if you’re interested:

Library Kingdom
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