Just another day at the library.

After a few days off from work it’s back to the library again. After so many years of it it is sometimes hard for the extraordinary not to become ordinary. Girl carrying a horse? Seen it. Elderly couple rowing through the kid’s room with their dog and cat? Seen it.

It reminds me of that great bit of Mel Brooks on The Tonight Show (that I put on my hijinks page of Life is a Fountain) where Mel gets all excited to even see Cary Grant, then, amazingly, has lunch with him, then finds he has so little to talk about with him that he ends up hiding from him.

I wouldn’t mind hiding from the library today.

Even if it is amazing.

Hey, there are some animals in this newsletter. But they can be a bit… comic. If you want to check out some serious animals, with all the zoological seriousness of approach, and reverent nature loving of a real animal appreciator then check out the Life is a Fountain Animal Page!

Not that you’ll find any of that there. But still, there will be…

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