I have come a long way with Dinosaurs.

If we could go back in time and bequeath my current skills and tools to seven year old me everything would be similar to what you see in my pictures here except with even more dinosaurs.

The first trips I remember to my local library were frustrating because there were hardly any books with dinosaurs in them. I would venture to the paleontology books and find them full of boring, dense writing and no decent pictures. The Kid’s room might have one dinosaur book with simple drawings. It was frustrating.

Danny and the Dinosaur was actually a pretty good book, but not fully satisfying on the pictures of dinosaurs scale.

Now look at me! I am correcting yet again the failings of my childhood.

This one even has a fountain!

And there was no early 70’s book that was going to be showing dinosaurs with feathers, which just makes me all the happier I didn’t struggle through any of those pictureless paleontology tomes that would have misinformed me anyway.

Check out whatever fancy quotes I’ve been adding to the Life is a Fountain Quotes Page. I’m sure it will be just the burst of wisdom you need to get through a difficult day!

Actually, that seems a tad unlikely.

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