A whole page devoted to Dan?

I  considered it.

And the truth is that I have a fair share of Dan content. There are pictures, Clerkmanifesto Classics, and a wealth of “Dan” anecdotes, or “Danecdotes” as we call them at the library.

Well, we could call them that at the library, if we wanted to.

Ultimately I decided Life is a Fountain is not entirely ready for a whole page devoted to Dan. But if he continues to wear brightly colored shirts and to allow me to pose him for pictures that could change at any moment.


What we have decided to do instead, and you may have already noticed this, is devote an entire newsletter to Dan.

It could be considered a trial balloon for a full “Dan” page. It might also be a presentiment of you having a room of your own at Life is a Fountain.

I’ll get to work on that right away!

This last picture reminds me that I haven’t sent you over to the “Nature” room at Life is a Fountain lately. Did you know that Dan is quite the birder? Anyway, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to do with Dan on the Nature Page, so you might want to head over there to clear your spirit.

Bop the below binger.

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