In which I advertise The Life is a Fountain Book Club.

Oh, didn’t you know we had a book club.

It’s very anti-social, but drop by sometime and… talk to no one.

Our current book is hinted at in the above picture. That is the star of our book who showed me her tongue while visiting the library the other day. It was bright blue for some reason. She was unruly, but I wasn’t bored.

This is also our heroine. She is pretending to hold up the ceiling. We worked on the picture together so it would look like those pictures people take of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 
Where is this book club, just in case you might want to drop by for a minute?

Your magic portakey awaits below.

Sorry, that’s from a different book. Bop the clicker below to be whisked away.

Book Club
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