Back into the semi wilds.

Yesterday I showed you some pictures of actual birds. Sure there was a cartoon pigeon, and a cartoon penguin, but there was a real live bald eagle, albeit one photographed from a considerable distance. And perhaps that respite from my ongoing obsession with visual trickery and photo manipulation made you think:

“I miss the good old days”

So here is a noble cardinal on a roof:


Yes. That is a real bird!

And how about this one?

Yes, sure, it’s a bit abstract, but it’s simply a picture of a creek.
So is this one.

Also a creek!

But I’d better stop now.

I’m feeling an irresistible desire to put a fake fish into it.

Did you think:

“Wait, no, why stop now? You’re just getting going!”

No, you didn’t think that?

Well if you did think that, hypothetically, you could hit this link to a very special place on the rambling Life is a Fountain website/alternate Internet/Rambling old mansion. And from there you could spend an entire day exploring, especially if you count the time spent waiting for pages to load.

That was a joke, although, about that:

The trick I use is to right click and open new pages in new tabs. Then I can continue reading and looking at pictures while new things load!

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